Moonlight Flower

Moonlight Flower. I had this picture in my head for a while, and had to get it to canvas.


You have to get a vision in life, then run with it. When you have a vision, it always gives you something to hold onto even in the toughest times in life. Don't give up, life is to short to waste away doing nothing.

The Resting Place

The Resting Place This is a stencil print. I made a design, then cut it out with a razor blade, and screened it on .

Windows of Heaven

"..i will pour down such a blessing on you, that you won't be able to contain it..."
acrylics on stretched canvass. I put some blur in the background to make the picture stand out a bit more.


Our lives make reflectons which others see. Sometimes we forget that we influence others all the time. Remember to stop every day to think about what reflection you would like others to see. Is it kindness, hope, patience... There are pieces of mirror in this painting, so people can see pieces of thier reflection. There are also words written in the water that people might be reflecting, good and bad. It is up to us to make a good reflection with our lives.

River of Life

"The river of Life." This is the river that comes from God-the life giver. The animals (representing people or spirits) worshipping God are the ones swimming upstream. Peace and love surround them, and they are free. The animals on the outside are under the 'spirit of this world'. They are bound. Freedom is only a step away, but they choose not to because of fear. I was inspired to do this painting by some aboriginal paintings which all have spiritual stories behind them. I used some of the same styles but i also added lighter colours not often used to make it different. Below "All Welcome" is a banner I made for one of the churches in Sydney. (3x1 metres on plywood)


Here are some of my designs using a fine point nico, and lots of spare time during a boring lecture etc. I will upload some better scans of them when i get a chance, there are little pictures hidden in the goanna one, in the bark


Cassowary- I used the colours of this bird as the background and borders

Hidden Cassowary

You don't often get a chance to see a cassowary in the wild- that is what inspired me to camoflage this picture. Often in life we like to hide ourselves from others because of fear. We do not realise how wonderful we are, and so shame away. We are who we are, and some things about us can't be changed.
Be yourself, and shine your personality for others to see and admire. Your smallest gift may be the most amazing to another person.


A butterfly lands on a flower to rest hidden in the camouflage of the sunset and petals.

Goblin Garden

This design was done at a more disturbed time of my life. I remember starting the picture with the warped clock in the middle durin class. I was feeling anger and frustration with my life at the time.
You will see little faces around some sort of garden table. I could have called it the goblin garden. I was in the middle of the picture with time ticking away, whilst being enslaved by these spirits surrounding me. There were too many for me to fight my way out of the circle. I was stuck in my prison of thoughts and fears.
I know how other people feel now that i have been through some tough times in my life. I know that it can seem like the only way out sometimes is death, but it isnt! It was Jesus who helped me break free from the prison i had grown weary of fighting out of. I Give thanks to God!!